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  • HP In The Hood

  • I'm Beautiful Parody

  • Blame Halo 3

  • I'm on a boat!

  • All your base are belong to us

  • Benny Lava Misheard

  • Best Rap Video Ever

  • Gold farmers Story

  • What Would Jesus Do

  • Llama Song

  • Los Colorados Hon'N'Cold

  • Touch My Body Karaoke

  • Yank Dat Camel toe!

  • High School Musical Spoof

  • Like A Boss

  • Bad grammar ft. Marina

  • Darth Vader Rap

  • Sex Education Rock

  • The Hitler Rap

  • Disaster Movie End Song

  • Creepy Kids Tv Show Song

  • Fast Food Folk Song

  • I Kill People Song

  • The Internet is a series of tubes

  • Nelly Furtado Syphilis girl

  • Cartoon characters that are hot

  • I Kissed a dog and i liked it